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Mobile Payments in India

Mobile payments are the future. One form of this is for bank customers to use their mobile phones to send instructions to their banks to transfer money. The IMPS service has been in use for some time but has not challenged ca...
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Inflation Indexed Securities

RBI is launching Inflation Indexed National Savings Securities - Cumulative (IINSS-C) in December. Inflation Indexed bonds had been issued earlier but with the current inflation levels this issue of securities may see good response. In an i...
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Bank rate changes

Bank Rate was adjusted by .25% from 9% to 8.75%. The most important rate
that determines short term liquidity is the Repo Rate. However, the Bank Rate
continues for limited reasons and one of its uses is as the referen...
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टैक्स-फ्री बॉन्ड या होम लोन प्री-पेमें


, मुंबईः बाजार में इन दिनों

टैक्स-फ्री बॉन्ड्स की बहा...
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Release on delivery

E-commerce is growing. What the merchants would like is advance payment through NEFT/ internet banking or payment by credit/debit card. Some customers who do not have these arrangements or do not trust the merchant, prefer the 'cash on deli...
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Bitcoins have been much in the news lately. This a virtual currency without any central issuing authority or any guarantee of redemption. It has value because a lot of people think it has value. New bitcoins can be created ('mined') only by a di...
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Capital in the 21st Century

A critique of Thomas Piketty's book. The photo is a test....
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BFSI or Finance Malls

I wonder why some one does not promote Finance Malls or BFSI malls where space is allotted only to bank branches, insurance and securities firms.

Basic services such as facility maintenance and security will be handled by the mall management...
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Hacked by F00X11

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