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5-day week for bank branches

The demand for a 5 day week for bank branches hots up again. The advantage for the banking system is that the major source of income, interest income, continues whether the branch is open or not. This is unlike manufacturing where production may get ...
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All bank failures are bad but the failure of some banks are worse. This may be because they are just very big or very complex or are so connected with the rest of the system that their problems pass on to others, or because t...
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Interactive ATMs

Most customers use ATMs for checking balances and withdrawing cash. Transfers, mini statements are also understood. But now come to India, ATMs with more features - accepting cash and video conferencing with bank staff. All this i...
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Credit Scoring

A useful primer on Credit Scoring by Dr Chakrabarty, Deputy Governor, RBI. It is not so much that the historical appraisal methods of banks for micro and small units are wrong. But they require too much officer time. This not only...
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Bank branches still working on Windows XP will lose support


is closing support for Windows XP and has informed users well in advance.

But many bank branches in India that use Windows XP have not migrated and will face numerous technical

issues once they lose suppor...
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Debt restructuring out of control?


repayments are fixed on certain cash flow assumptions but in real life

things may not go as planned. The borrower may not be able to make repayment

according to the sanction terms. In simple cases, additional t...
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Security at ATMs

The attack on an ATM user in Bangalore has brought the issue of security in focus. Police insist on presence of security guards round the clock. Many ATMs abroad are installed inside the premises with the user access areas on the outer wall. The...
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E-lobby of Dena Bank

Dena Bank has opened an e-lobby in Mumbai. The concept is not new. This is a self service kiosk. Customers can do more than what is available at ATMs. They can deposit cash and cheques, print passbooks and access internet banking. You have to be...
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Differentiated Bank Licensing


finance minister hopes that RBI will issue licenses to applicants with

innovative models for banking. RBI last issued two licenses - Yes Bank and

Kotak Bank - 10 years ago. Since then, there have been no new banks an...
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ATMs for Joint Accounts

Canara Bank has introduced an interesting product. ATMs can be used for joint accounts. This was not possible so far. There will be two cards and two PINs which should be used one after the other. However, both the joint holders will have to go to th...
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I was interested to get details of SBI's new e-forex product but could not get beyond the press release. Could not see details of the product either in the press or in the bank's website. Can make out that it helps customers book forex online.&n...
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SB Interest Rates

What might be the reason for continued competition in Savings Bank interest rates? There can be a 'technical' view in terms of the liquidity situation and the competitive demand for funds in the market. But there can also be a 'fundamental' view f...
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